The Secret Sauce

Ignite Local delivers better results, more affordably, than other online marketing providers. Our Integrated Web Presence (IWP) solution works to deliver the most new customers at the lowest cost per acquisition.

How? We focus on what matters most: A highly refined set of tactics that synergistically work to optimize conversions across the whole buying cycle. You’ll be surprised at how much it doesn’t cost.

1. Get Found

√ Organic Search Optimization
√ Pay Per Click Advertising
√ Location-based Listings

2. Engage Prospects

√ Custom Marketing Microsite
√ Monthly Blogging
√ Social Media Posting
√ Ratings and Testimonials Management

3. Convert to Customers

√ Offer Strategy & Optimization
√ Website CTA Optimization
√ Mobile Optimization / Responsive Design

4. Google Thinks We’re Doing a Good Job

Rated Top 5% of Digital Agencies for:
√ Customer Satisfaction (Top 2%)
√ Best Practices (Top 4%)

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The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

Individually, these tactics aren’t revolutionary.  What differentiates an Ignited web presence is how efficiently and synergistically we do it.  Every IWP solution from Ignite Local includes the following integrated deliverables:

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid listings account for 64% of page one clicks for “high commercial intent” searches (Wordstream, 2014).

Relevance is the key any marketing effort, and this is especially true with PPC. As the first part of an integrated online approach, PPC “primes the pump” of your online presence by offering the following benefits:

» Achieves page one visibility from day one
» Helps build your organic strength over time
» Attracts high quality prospects who are ready to purchase
» Provides valuable insights into which of your offers, messages, and offerings consumers are finding compelling

We continuously monitor and improve our client’s PPC campaigns so they are getting the most quality clicks for the lowest cost.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

High quality SEO builds a sustainable marketing engine that delivers ongoing results for no additional cost.

SEO is ultimately about relevant content in the right places:

» On-page SEO, formatting, Meta-tagging, keyword density, and URL optimization
» Expert writing for page content and blogs, with high Google Authority
» Google+, Facebook and Twitter set-up and posting
» Social media posting
» Maps and Geo-targeted listings
» Video content (optional)

Location-based Listings

Consumers who click on location-based listings are often on-the-go, more frequently using a mobile device, and usually closer to a purchase decision.

Listing on the big 3 search engine maps – Google, Yahoo! And Bing – is a free service, and any business owner can do it. However, the team at Ignite Local knows how to ensure your business makes it to Google’s “7-pack” map listing on page one. We optimize for both desktop and mobile searches, and across your full target area.

Social Media Management

“69% of consumers say that they are more likely to purchase from a company that has an active social media presence.” (Nielson Online, 2009)

Ignite Local will set up and manage your Google+, Facebook and Twitter channels so you can focus on running your business. We also make sure that your social channels have regular postings and updates to keep consumers engaged.

Blogging and Content Marketing

“Content Marketing is the only real marketing left.” (Seth Godin)

Content is especially important for maintaining strong organic search and social media visibility. Most of your prospective new customers aren’t searching for your business, or your ads. So it’s important that your website and social channels contain content that appeals to those early in the buying cycle (e.g. informative) as well as late in the buying cycle (e.g. branded).

Ignite Local has a team of content experts with established Google Author Authority. What does this mean? Simply put, when we write, Google listens.

Video (optional add-on)

“A video listing on a search page gets three times as many clicks as text-only listings.” (SEOMoz, 2012)

Online video is the fastest-growing media online today, and is a powerful engagement tool that can connect consumers with your brand. It helps to establish the requisite emotional bond that drives purchase behavior. This is critical in many industries where trust, high expertise, and/or service is paramount.

We produce high quality videos that are also shockingly affordable. Contact us to get the skinny.

Website Conversion Optimization

Since our goal is driving conversions (new customers) our IWP solution includes ongoing monitoring and optimization of your campaign conversion funnel. You’ll get a monthly dashboard report and a consultation each month to ensure that your campaign improves over time to deliver more customers.

Optionally, we offer strategy consulting to further improve your return on investment:

» A/B testing
» Offer optimization
» Customer surveys / research

Getting started

The best place to start is to request your Free Web Presence Evaluation. This will provide an educated estimate, based on some simple information you provide and industry data we have compiled from Google and other sources, of how many new customers per month you could expect with an improved web presence.

Once you receive your report, contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our consultants to review the results. We believe in transparency and zero-pressure.

If you decide to use our services, we’ll spend some time getting to know you, your business, your customers, and your goals. Then we’ll recommend a solution that clearly presents who you are and meets your business objectives.