What is Holistic Digital Marketing?

holistic marketing strategy takes an intentional, integrated approach to address all the aspects of representing your business well online. From a sleek, fast website that shows up when users search, to the tracking and tech that makes it all happen.

Our team of specialists includes strategists, developers, SEO copywriters, ad managers, social media gurus, and web designers, all working together to deliver an outstanding finished product to our local small business clients.

We consider the whole journey of each customer searching for our client’s services and products, ensuring each touchpoint represents our clients well.

We research, target, and track what search terms bring the best business for you and work to place your listing at the top of the results, in a paid ad, in the map listings, and organically as well.

We love to see when links to our clients’ websites show up multiple times on the first page of results with the map listing, blog article, homepage, and social media profiles. With more ‘real estate’ on the first page of a relevant search, you appear more professional and impressive, and you raise your chances to earn the opportunity of their business.

Our clients tell us they want to keep things simple and consolidated. Their businesses have many moving parts; to need an IT guy, a web design company, a marketing company, a social media manager, a designer, and a data analyst… forget it.

IGNITE Local is unique in that we’ve developed a Ford-esque model of managing the digital presence of local businesses.

From inception and market research, selecting keywords and writing ad copy, optimizing the site design, and carefully crafting compelling content, we build and maintain for you a complete digital presence. Our tech support team is immediately accessible through your local consultant. When they aren’t handling support tickets they are hard at work maintaining your site with technical optimizations and constant innovation.

To conclude, this coordinated collaboration comes together to serve your business needs through a competent local Web Presence Consultant. They can help you with strategy, suggestions, and standby support. With monthly meetings and ongoing availability with easy access, your local consultant partners with you and us to communicate your specific scenario’s needs, goals, and visions. With his or her expert eye on the ball, they’ll manage the members on our team so you can focus on yours.

To discover how a holistic marketing plan can help your whole business, and maybe relieve a headache or two, reach out to your local IGNITE Local consultant.

We love to partner with great local businesses like yours.