Time to Rise: The IGNITE Local Story

It’s time to rise. Rise above the competition, of course, but also to rise above expectations. To rise above past mistakes or failures. To realize that challenges can be used for good if we learn to grow and improve ourselves and our businesses.

IGNITE Local helps businesses rise up the ranks in Google, which leads to a rise in revenue and profits. However, our success story didn’t always look like one. Founding father and son Brad and Justin Vorhees, experienced their share of ups and downs along the journey to where we are now.

After a successful career in the stock market through the 90s, Brad sensed the bubble about to burst and began to encourage his clients to change their investments and exit the markets. Those who went against the conventional wisdom of the day and heeded his advice saved their assets. But what was next for Brad? The answer was going into business for himself.

To keep this brief let’s say they were ups and downs, successes and failures, boons and busts, excitement and disappointment. Justin, much earlier in his career, inherited the entrepreneurial bend and also struck out on his own. After some success, came the inevitable setback.  Brad and Justin both experienced a devastating loss of business.

Building back from the bottom, they believe in doing business better. In differentiating themselves from the agencies of the day and delivering a service characterized by genuinely caring for each client and continually striving for their success alongside our own.

We’ve been to the top, we’ve been to the bottom. We’ve seen highs and we’ve seen lows. We understand the ups and downs of a business, and we work each day to keep our clients up.

It’s time to rise. No matter your story, we want to hear it.

We want to get to know you and how we can partner with you and your business to rise above the competition, exceed expectations, and step into all that the future has for those who strive to seek it and attain it.

We look forward to starting or continuing to partner with you to grow your businesses. Thank you for the trust you put in us.

Through all the ups and downs, we promise to give our all in partnership with the local businesses we care so much about.




Brad and Justin Vorhees