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I’m Scot Bailey, and I’ve lived in the Seattle area since 1980. My background is in technology services, and I serve Ignite Local clients on the west side of Lake Washington from downtown Seattle to Northgate. I’ve worked in many roles involving the Internet, and came on board full-time with Ignite Local in 2019 when a business owner friend of mine convinced me there was important work to be done bringing Internet marketing technologies to the service of local businesses. After researching the companies offering such services, I chose to align myself with Ignite Local.


I’ve found that the strength of Ignite Local comes from a deep understanding of Internet technologies by savvy people who are really dedicated to serving small and medium-sized businesses in a highly effective and very affordable way. Helping our smaller local clients compete with ‘the big dogs’ with big budgets involves leveraging our collective expertise to wring every ounce of value out of every advertising dollar spent on behalf of our clients.


And we have fun doing it! I’m passionate about advocating for my clients to provide maximum quality Internet marketing at the highest possible value point for their investment. Website design, content marketing, PPC/SEO/SEM, social media, blogging, reputation management — we present a synergistic package of services to turn the tables on the competitive playing field and bring joy to those I serve.