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Hello, I’m Chelsey! I live in sunny Escondido, California, and have been
actively involved in the local business community. I have served as an
ambassador for multiple chambers of commerce, and I am also a member in
Letip of La Jolla referral group. I have a passion for creating relationships
with business owners and helping their businesses thrive online. I highly
value the relationships I’ve built with my clients, and I do everything I can to
support them.

Get More Leads From the Internet

When I became aware of the truly superior services provided by Ignite Local,
and of their pricing which is so affordable for what their clients get, I knew I
wanted to represent them here in the Southern California area. Now that
I’ve been doing that for a while, I’ve found them to be one of the most
genuine, capable, affordable, and knowledgeable companies in the industry.
Using proven strategies that really bring my clients new customers from the
internet, it’s exciting for me to be able to make a significant difference in
their businesses.

Internet Marketing & Animals

A little bit about myself: I grew up in the midwest in windy Casper,
Wyoming. I’ve always loved anything that involves animals; to be more
specific, horses. I met my husband in 2019 in the Marine Corps on Camp
Pendleton. Upon transitioning out of the military we made the decision to
stay in the San Diego area in 2020. When I’m not doing web work for

clients, I enjoy walking my dog, volunteering in my community, and

Get More Business!

If you need more business for your business, give me a call. Backed by the
very knowledgeable team at Ignite Local, you’d be working with people you
can count on, and you’d GET RESULTS. And I love the fact that my clients
don’t have to sign any kind of contract. We’re so confident you’ll want to
stay with us once you get started, that we don’t need to ask anyone to sign
a contract.

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