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My name is Dan Trubak. I am a lifelong Michigan resident and love
everything our great state has to offer. I am an enthusiastic professional
with a proven track record of over 10 years in building business-to-business
relationships, marketing, and advertising. With a Google certification under
my belt, I’ve honed my skills in crafting effective strategies that make an
impact, for my clients.

Dedication to the Craft

My passion for digital marketing stems from its ever-evolving ability to
connect businesses with their audiences in new ways. It’s thrilling to watch
small to medium-sized businesses, like yours, flourish in the digital realm,
bringing a blend of creativity and technology to build those wanted
connections. The daily challenges and constant learning support my
commitment to staying at the forefront of this industry.


Connecting With the Community and the Land

Beyond the office, I find joy in the great outdoors, whether it’s camping,
biking, or boating. My wife and I love to travel in our RV with our two sons
and daughter (11,7,3). As much as I’m dedicated to my work, I’m beyond
devoted to my family and kids. From memorable family vacations to sharing
quality time, I believe in balancing the demands of a thriving career with the
joys of life it’s simple pleasures.

needs. If you are at a point where you can handle more business and a
larger customer base, call or email me, today!

Building Relationships With Your Business

Devoted to excellence, I take pride in serving my clients with unwavering
dedication. Working together closely, I invest time to truly understand their
unique needs, ensuring that every solution is tailor-made, as your situation
will differ from anyone else’s. It’s immensely rewarding to witness my
clients’ businesses flourish as a result of our combined efforts. The
satisfaction of knowing that my work directly contributes to their success
fuels my passion. I thrive on building strong relationships, and the joy of
working side by side with clients, sharing their visions and transforming
them into reality.

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