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Hello! My name is Dennis and as an internet marketing professional, I know
that experience is my most important asset. Being born in Santa Barbara
and raised in Stockton, I got a feel for everything the state of California had
to offer. I worked as a realtor in Stockton for eight years, cutting my teeth
in the industry and gaining valuable expertise that would serve me well in
marketing later on.

Specialized Experience for Your Business

After a move to Washington, I took my home services skills even further by
working in sales in the home improvement industry and acting as director of
marketing for a landscape construction and maintenance company, before
finding my home at Ignite Local back in 2018.

Working With Florida Business Owners

Since 2021, I have been living and working in Florida, where I have
continued to offer top-notch internet marketing to the business owners I
have come to know in the area. With a wide range of experience in the home
services and marketing industries, I know what business owners like you are
looking for and how to find your target audience.

Find Your Ideal Audience

With my unique combination of business and marketing experience, I help
business owners and managers in Florida reach the ideal clients for their
particular services. By knowing the ins and outs of the industry as well as
the specific pain points for small and large businesses, myself and the team
at Ignite Local will create a marketing plan that works for you and your

needs. If you are at a point where you can handle more business and a
larger customer base, call or email me, today!

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